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Your Absolute Guide to Easy Ceiling Fan Installation

Are you thinking of having a ceiling fan installed in your home?

Come the year 2021, the ceiling fan industry is forecasted to reach a profit value of 445.30 million dollars. The competition in the ceiling fan industry seems to be ever increasing. Such competition has paved the way for better, stylish, and more energy efficient ceiling fans. One of the best ways for you to spice up your home or any part of your home is to get a ceiling fan. Installing your ceiling fan becomes essential if you have already bought one for yourself.

Anyone can just install their ceiling fans on their own when they make sure to follow each step listed down for them. Some people become intimidated with doing their own ceiling fan installation because of the many electric wires and cables involved. But then again, if you just make sure to follow the steps religiously, there is no doubt that you can just get everything done safely.

To start, make sure to turn off the electricity

When it comes to doing ceiling fan installation, you have to make sure that your electricity is really turned off. Your breaker must be turned off securely before you go about starting the work on any piece of electrical equipment that you have. Additionally, put a note on top of your breaker box to not have it touched when you are still doing your ceiling fan installation work.

While doing ceiling fan installation and putting this note, you are assured that no one will risk themselves getting electrocuted. After doing these things, be sure to read the instruction manual. You then acquire the tools that you need and proceed in doing ceiling fan installation.

Support brace installation must be the first step to doing ceiling fan installation. This is important since most ceiling fans are heavy. You put at risk damaging your ceiling when you do not do this.

What you should do next is to add your fan bracket. The fan bracket acts as a lock to your support brace to keep your ceiling fan on hold. Your ceiling fan will be put in place with this one.

What happens next involves wire installation and motor installation. The next step then involves matching of your wires and then having your cover attached. If all of these things are done, you then to light and blade installation. Before completing your ceiling fan installation, for faster transaction, go with assembling your fan blades first. Make sure to use a screw driver to lock in your fan blade brackets to their respective notches.