A Mattress For A Good Quality Sleep

When it comes to getting a restful night of sleep, having the right mattress is rather important. Fortunately, there are many different mattresses on the market to choose from and all at different price points. However, this can be a bit overwhelming for many people. Luckily, there are different websites that review different mattresses and inform consumers about all of its features so that they can make an informed decision regarding its purchase. One particular mattress is the DreamCloud. Below, is a bit more information on it, as well as pros and cons of buying the mattress.

Features Of The Mattress

The mattress is a luxury hybrid of latex, memory foam, cashmere and coil technology to provide consumers with the best sleep. The plush top cover contours to a person’s body to provide support while sleeping. Each mattress has a lifetime guarantee, as well as one professional cleaning (valued at $300). This mattress is great for those that have back pain, are side sleepers, stomach sleepers, or have had hip, knee or neck surgery. With a medium firmness level, this mattress is wonderful and is recommended for many people.

Pros And Cons Of The DreamCloud Mattress

When it comes to any product, there are positive things about it, and there are negative things. When making a purchase, the consumer must decide if the positives outweigh the negative aspects. Regarding the DreamCloud mattress, the pros are that it is made out of premium materials, it is a hybrid of memory foam and coils, there is a one year risk free sleep trial and has a lifetime warranty. The price is around one thousand dollars for a queen size mattress, as well as white glove service upon request. Now, for the cons: the mattress is very tall (may not fit), it has only one firmness level (medium) and it is not entirely made in the USA.

A mattress is definitely an investment. Spending a little bit more on it is ok, especially because you will use it every single night to get the proper sleep needed to carry out numerous tasks the next day.