3 Reasons to Consider a Purple Mattress

Even with dozens of new and different mattresses on the market it can be hard to find one that offers a personalized sleep experience. With that in mind, the manufacturers of the Purple mattress now offer customers 3 new products. Each is engineered to support sleepers and provide a cool, comfortable experience. Thousands of shoppers are researching online mattress info to learn more about the new models. Purple’s new models are engineered to help buyers find mattresses that fit their sleeping styles.

A Smart Grid Provides Support

Purple mattresses are known for their Smart Comfort Grid technology. A Purple adapts automatically as sleepers move around and change positions. No matter where users are on the mattress or in what position, the mattress aligns their spines. That helps eliminate morning backaches and stiffness. The comfort grid also fosters airflow, which helps mattresses remain temperature neutral. Cooler mattresses prevent users from “sleeping hot”, which is uncomfortable

Mattresses Offer Personalized Comfort Levels

The new Purple mattresses are engineered to fit various comfort levels. Each style has a number that corresponds with the depth of its comfort grid system. Mattresses are named Purple 2, 3, and 4. Their polymer grid systems are 2″, 3″, and 4″ deep, respectively. Each mattress also includes a spring system. Polymer grid depths decide how soft and plush surfaces feel and how far sleepers sink in. They are all very comfortable, but the P4 provides an especially luxe experience.

There Are Firmness Levels for Every Sleeper

Shoppers are also interested in Purple’s new offerings because various models work well with specific sleep styles. The P2 feels firm but its support coils have a lot of give, creating a soft feeling. It is ideal for back sleepers and average-sized sleepers. The P3 provides a soft balanced experience that suits those who change positions often. It is great for couples with different comfort preferences. Those who want a weightless, plush experience like the P4. Users also enjoy exceptional support. P4 is recommended for bulkier users as well as side sleepers and very light people.

The Purple mattress company has introduced a 3 new mattresses that offer excellent support and comfort as well as a range of comfort levels. The number of choices helps clients create personalized sleep experiences.